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New e-Card

Panasonic will be giving all CLUB Panasonic members a new digital version of their membership card, the e-Card. All existing and non-existing CLUB Panasonic members will receive their e-Card via multimedia messaging service(MMS).

Moving forward, all functionality of the existing physical cards will be put to end and will be replaced by the newly issued e-Cards. The reason for Panasonic to introduce the e-Card is to make shopping easier for its members and to enhance membership rewards. All CLUB Panasonic members will receive their new e-Cards by March 2015. Make sure you do not accidentally delete your e-Card.

Steps to receive your e-Card:
Step 1: Go to and click to login

Step 2: Login your CLUB Panasonic account

Step 3: Click 'MY ACCOUNT'

Step 4: UNCHECK the 'CLUB PANASONIC short messaging service(SMS) to enable receiving SMS & MMS choice.

Step 5: Click 'SUBMIT'.

CLUB Panasonic e-Card Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

  1. How do I become a CLUB PANASONIC member?
    You may register for free at CLUB Panasonic

  2. What are the benefits of being a CLUB PANASONIC member?
    You will be able to enjoy these benefits:
    - Earn e-Points when you purchase Panasonic products at Panashop
    - Discounts on repair services & checking fees
    - Express lane services
    - Exclusive invites & online activities
    - Latest Panasonic newsletter

  3. How do I register for my e-Card?
    For existing members: You will have to follow the steps above to enable your account to receive the e-Card via MMS.
    For new members: You do not have to register for your e-Card, you will receive it once you register as a new member.

  4. Do I need to pay for the e-Card?
    No, its totally free.

  5. What is the difference between the Physical card and the e-Card?
    You are still able to use both cards at all Panashop. It is definitely more convenient to use the e-Card.

  6. Can I still use the physical card even if I already have the e-Card?
    Yes, you may still use both of the cards however we do encourage you to switch to e-Card.

  7. How if I don't receive my e-Card?
    Kindly write an e-mail to our Customer Care Centre at

  8. Where can I use my e-Card?
    At all Panashop dealers and Panasonic Online Store.

  9. What should I do if I lost my e-Card?
    Kindly email to Customer Care Centre at CLUB Panasonic will send you a new e-Card.

  10. How do I access/edit my account information?
    Step 1: Login to your CLUB Panasonic account at
    Step 2: Go to 'MY ACCOUNT'.
    Step 3: Edit your information under 'EDIT MY INFORMATION' tab.
    Step 4: Click 'SUBMIT'.

  11. How do I cancel my membership or withdraw my personal information?
    Step 1: Login to your CLUB Panasonic account at
    Step 2: Go to 'MY ACCOUNT'.
    Step 3: Under 'EDIT MY INFORMATION' tab, click 'NEXT'.
    Step 4: Under Section 3: INTERESTS, click on 'I would like to withdraw my membership from CLUB Panasonic'.
    Step 5: Click 'CONFIRM'.

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