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UMobile App 30% Deal

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Enjoy 30% off on ALL beauty products at our ONLINE STORE with the U Mobile App when you are a U Mobile user! In collaboration with U Mobile, Club Panasonic is giving you an amazing online shopping experience that you don’t want to miss.

Want to get the juicy 30% voucher and start shopping? Just follow these simple steps:

ONLINE Redemption Process

     1.  Download U Mobile App to your phone.
     2.  Go to “Rewards & Promotions” and tap on the Panasonic Deal.
     3. Tap on “Get Voucher Code” button.
     4.  Take note of the “VOUCHER CODE” / “e-campaign code”, you will use this later.
     5.  Tap on “Visit the Website” to visit the Club Panasonic website.
     6.  Tap on the “Login” tab, then:
          a. Log in as usual if you are already a member.
          b. If you are not a member yet, please sign up:
          i  Tap on the “Sign up now” tab to sign up as a member.
          ii  Enter your basic information and tap on the “SUBMIT” button.
          iii  You will receive an email from us. Open it and activate your Club Panasonic account.
          iv  Log in as a member.

     7.  Once logged in, tap on the “Online Store” tab.
     8.  In the Online Store page, tap on “Direct Online Store” image link.
     9.  Tap on the “EXCLUSIVE 30% OFF FOR UMOBILE USERS” Banner to start shopping.
    10.  Shop for your favourite electronic beauty products.
    11.  Enter the “VOUCHER CODE” / “e-campaign code” upon checkout to enjoy 30% off.
    12.  Make payment.

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