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Refrigerator promo

Dear CLUB Panasonic Members,

This is a special offer from Panasonic Malaysia to some of our loyal customers who have been supporting us at Panasonic for a very very long time.

This offer is exclusive only to selected CLUB Panasonic’s loyal members. Members who are entitled for this special campaign will receive a special e-mail to notify the entitlement for this campaign.

For those who did not receive our special e-mail, stay tuned with us and continue to support us at CLUB Panasonic, and we will eventually get to you.

How to join the campaign:
* For those who received the entitlement e-mail

Step 1: Purchase selected Refrigerator model (listed in our special e-mail) at any Panashops, Panasonic dealer or Panasonic Malaysia's Online Store
Step 2: Register e-Warranty at CLUB Panasonic during the campaign
Step 3: Get Your Special e-Points automatically within 2 working days

Campaign duration:
7 September - 6 October 2017

Terms and Conditions:
- Applicable to selected Refrigerator model only (written in email you received from CLUB Panasonic)
- If you have any inquiries regarding this campaign, kindly contact our Customer Care Centre (
*Panashop, mass merchant and Panasonic Online Store shall not be required to answer any inquiries regarding the campaign
- You do not need to show email from CLUB Panasonic to shop staff when you purchase selected Refrigerator models. Just please do not forget to register e-Warranty at CLUB Panasonic before promotion.
- All rewards given out are subject to Panasonic Terms and Conditions.

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