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Viera 4K TV

What's the best way to view a 4K video? From 5 June until 31 July, Panasonic is showing the ultimate answer with its Viera 4K TV. The latest Viera CX600 and CX700 4K TV series have a unique Panasonic technology called the HEXA Chroma Drive which uses 6-colour instead of 3 to reproduce stunning picture quality and faithful colours.

Join Viera 4K and follow the blogger Chessie around to see her beautiful travels captured with Panasonic's 4K cameras. The #PanasonicWanderLust journey lets you in on a world that can fully express subtle colours and gives you a three-dimensional experience and a sense of depth of the pictures.

Check out & learn more about the Panasonic Viera 4K TV HERE!

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