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Growth of Solar

New Zealand, 10 February 2014

Panasonic New Zealand has been promoting solar panels for homes and businesses with the belief that solar power holds the key to energy solutions. This video introduces various projects Panasonic is undertaking in New Zealand with its partner companies and the mounting expectations for the renewable energy business. New Zealand gets ample sunlight, and the demand for use of solar power is increasing. Please take a look at some of Panasonic's activities in the land of the Kiwi. According to Mr. Stewart Fowler, President of Panasonic New Zealand, Panasonic has concentrated its solar panel sales efforts in 2 main sectors. First is the residential sector. For example, in Highfield, Christchurch, 2,200 homes equipped with Panasonic's solar panels are being developed. The second sector is the business space, which includes offices, warehouses, and stadiums. In addition to selling solar panels the company is also looking at a business model, in which they would be renting roof space from consumers. In cooperation with local partners, Panasonic brings to life many different types of solar power generation in New Zealand.

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