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Awards for KWN

Kuala Lumpur, 14 November 2013

Panasonic is organizing a National Awards Ceremony for Panasonic Kid Witness News and Eco Picture Diary. In the past four months, both programs have been carried out by Panasonic to equip students with additional skills and to nurture the Eco Education into the minds of young generations. Panasonic Malaysia has introduced the KWN program through video education in 2005. Later in 2011, another eco learning program was introduced which is the Eco Picture Diary through Panasonic Kids School. These initiatives were carried out in collaboration with Ministry of Education to ensure that children are not only eco conscious but also eco intelligent, through experiential learning. For this year, Panasonic Kid Witness News has garnered participations from a total of 17 schools and 68 students. 17 videos were submitted by schools nationwide and 10 videos were selected to enter the final.

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