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WorldSolar Challenge

Japan, 11 October 2013

Japan's Tokai University completed the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013 on October 10 with its solar car equipped with Panasonic's HIT(R) solar cells(*1) and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Overcoming obstacles such as the harsh weather conditions and midst some of its competitors retiring midway in the race, the Tokai University solar car team was able to stay strong and steady crossing the finish line in Adelaide at about 1:22 pm (Australian Central Standard Time) on October 10, completing a total distance of 3,021 km powered only by solar energy.
The World Solar Challenge, which was first held in 1987 and has become a biennial event since 1999, is a time-based competition in which university and corporate teams from all around the world compete in covering a distance of 3,021km from Darwin in the north down to Adelaide in the south. A total of 42 teams from 24 countries and territories participated in the race this year.

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