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Energy Solar Panels

Kedah, 20 September 2013

Energy consumption and demand in Asia has increased in the last decade, from 2002 to 2012. With such an energy landscape, energy security has become a key issue that needs to be addressed. At Kulim Hi-Tech Park in Kedah, just south of Penang, Panasonic Energy Malaysia (PECMY), which is now operating at full scale mass production, manufactures Panasonic HIT solar modules with top class cell conversion efficiency of 22.0%. This essentially means that given restricted land space, Panasonic HIT solar modules are still able to generate a relatively high amount of power, even at high temperatures, an added advantage in tropical Asian countries.
As a recipient of one of the most amounts of sunlight in Malaysia, the state of Kedah serves as a suitable location from which Panasonic can effectively support the demand for renewable energy worldwide. Feed-in-tariffs (introduced locally in December 2011) and other stimulus measures also provide leverage for the facility to expand sales of its solar business. PECMY aims to strengthen cost competitiveness through reduced transportation costs and utility of local materials, as well as provide a stable product supply through flexible responses to demand fluctuations around the world.

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