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Europe, 6 September 2013

IFA 2013 kicks off on September 6, 2013 in Berlin Germany and we are sure the crowd is excited to see the latest technology waiting to be revealed to the world. Panasonic highlights its series of latest 4K products and solution in the main entrance. In the main entrance, firstly a large display monument that was built with 34 sets of Panasonic's new 4K 65-inch TV welcomes you. You can enjoy ultra high-definition 4K 60p "Beauty of Four Seasons" themed video content there. Panasonic's unique technology of high picture quality and dynamic video experience will give everyone a glimpse of the new "4K" era that's coming up.
Panasonic showcases three sets of new 4K OLED display at IFA2013. This OLED display was first introduced at CES2013 held in this January 2013 and at IFA2013 newly advanced super thin OLED is demonstrated.

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