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Partner with UNESCO

Global, 8 July 2013

The renewal of the strategic partnership between Panasonic and UNESCO World Heritage Centre for the next two years was signed in Phnom Penh in the Kingdom of Cambodia, on the occasion of the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee. This continued partnership brings with it exciting activities in the field of environmental and cultural education. It will continue to actively promote and develop the three areas; next generation education, communication and technological support.
This year, under the education umbrella, the 'World Heritage Eco Learning Programme' will focus on sites located at Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Spain, Panama, Brazil and France bringing on board even more students to learn about nature conservation as well as cultural conservation, and understand in-depth UNESCO's work, in a fun and interesting manner. In enhancing communication activities, Panasonic will continue sponsoring 'The World Heritage Special' with the National Geographic Channel. The third series, scheduled for October 2013, will continue its goal as an educational tool on the technology and people that make conservation of natural heritages possible.

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