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FBG 2013

North America, 3 May 2013

As part of its efforts to help ensure a sustainable planet, Panasonic sponsored, participated in and provided support for an international exchange of the latest ideas on sustainability through a dialog among the environmental community and enterprise leaders at Fortune Brainstorm Green 2013, which was held during Apr 29 and run to May 1.
Panasonic executives including Joseph M. Taylor, Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Corporation of North America, Jim Doyle, President of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America and Paul Margis, CEO of Panasonic Avionics Corporation, participated in sessions with other industry leaders to discuss the future of transportation, sustainable and green building practices and how sustainability drives innovation. The intent was for businesses to share ideas and collaborate on approaches to improving corporate sustainability, energy, smart cities and promoting investment in future economies.